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Padman Movie Review Ratings

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Padman Movie Review :

All India Upcoming Bollywood Movie Padman .This Movie Directed by  R. Balki .Produced by Twinkle Twinkle Khanna .Starring with Bollywood Hero Akshay Kumar ,Sonam Kapoor, Radhika Apte, Amitabh Bachchan.

PAD MAN is a brave and an inspirational attempt at creating a commercial cinema out of a taboo topic. The movie scores high on content as well as emotions. At the box office, Akshay Kumar’s mass appeal will surely help to pull in the audiences. It has the potential to grow steadily at the box-office with the positive word-of-mouth. Period.
 Read More @ BOllywood Hungama

BOllywood Hungama Rating :  4/5

It is a worthy film, but it isn’t a particularly enjoyable. It has tonal problems, because it is trying to appeal to many constituencies at the same time. Akshay Kumar gets fully into the role while trying to get in touch with the ‘feminine’ inside of him.Read More @Indian Express

Indian Express Rating : 2/5

Akshay Kumar’s superhero swoops in and de-stigmatises menstrual hygiene without making the film feel stodgy or heavy handed. Read More@Hindustan Times

Hindustan Times Rating : 3/5

                          ”   INDIA’S MOST UNLIKELY SUPERHERO “

Times of India  Rating :  3.5/5

It is here too that Padman’s conflicted gender politics surfaces along with its limited understanding of the taboo around menstruation.Read More @ First Post

First Post Rating :   2.5/5

Akshay Kumar’s PAD MAN is the man that not only every women but everyone in the family should watch and get inspired. Super heroes are not ‘saving the world’ time n again, sometimes there are crazy ones who ‘change the world’ without wearing any masks or uniform.Read More@Glasham

Glasham Rating :  3.5/5

For those who’re thinking if you could connect with the message of Pad Man, trust me you will. Every good thing comes with an expiry date and enjoy this era of Akshay Kumar till it lasts (Hope it’s here for a couple of more decades). The combo of entertainment plus message-driven plot is a rare occurrence and Padman fits the bill.Read More @Koimoi

Koimoi Rating :   3.5/5

Film Fare Rating :   3/5


Padman Movie Review Ratings

Padman Movie Review Ratings


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Released On : 12-01-2018
Cast: Akshay Kumar, Sonam Kapoor, Radhika Apte, Amitabh Bachchan
Director: R. Balki
Producer/s: Twinkle Khanna