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Secret Superstar Movie Review Ratings

Secret Superstar Review

Aamir Khan adds his special magic in Secret Superstar. His character his wacky and flamboyant but surprisingly also deep as a good guy in isolation. Advait Chandan crafts some really humorous and emotional moments for him. Watch his meltdown during a song sequence when Zaira comes for recording. It is meritorious how a superstar like Aamir manages to leave a solid impression without ever overshadowing young Zaira. Read More @

Deccanchronicle Rating : 3.5/5

Parts of Secret Superstar touch the very pinnacle of the form of storytelling that defines the Mumbai movie mainstream. You may nitpick to your heart’s content over the way Secret Superstar pans out, but this film will sure steal your heart. Okay, if the film as a whole doesn’t, the magnificent Zaira Wasim certainly will. And if even she doesn’t, just let your dil do the thinking. Chances are that you will go home happy as a king or a queen, as the case may be. Yes, Secret Superstar is the sort of film that disarms you at entry and quickly pushes you into a frame of mind that allows you to readily pardon its length, clichés and overly broad brushstrokes. Read More @ Ndtv

Ndtv Rating : 3.5/5

Zaira Wasim plays an abused girl who finds a mentor in musician Shakti Kumar (Aamir Khan). Director Advait Chandan’s film has high emotional quotient.
Secret Superstar’s biggest asset is Aamir Khan. His comedy despite being slapstick in nature, is worth noticing. Zaira Wasim lives up to the expectations and the film has a message. In short, Secret Superstar has everything you ask for, but it isn’t exceptional storytelling. Read More @ Hindustantimes 

HindustanTimes Rating : 3/5

Secret Superstar is an unconventional Hindi film in so many ways. It is that rare mainstream, unapologetically commercial Bollywood venture that places the spotlight firmly on domestic violence. It stars one of the biggest male stars in the history of Hindi cinema yet he is not the protagonist, nor does he position his role as a “guest appearance”.Aamir Khan as Shakti Kumaarr is hilarious.In case you think he’s hamming, you would do well to tour the industry he works in and meet some of its more pompous, ego-centric denizens who are convinced of their divinity, refer to themselves in third person in conversation and generally suck. Read More@FirstPost

FirstPost Rating : 3.5/5

SECRET SUPERSTAR is a complete package: refreshing plot, water-tight screenplay, exceptional performances and soulful soundtrack. Strongly recommended! Read More@ BollywoodHungama

Bollywood Hungama Rating : 4/5

Aamir Khan strikes gold yet again with his choice . Secret Superstar is a heart melting winner. Read More

Apherald Rating : 3.5/5

The first thing I personally did after watching Secret Superstar was to text my mom how much I love her. Watch the film to start believing in your dreams and to know how much your mother loves you. Read More@Koimoi

Koimoi Rating : 4/5

Times of India Rating : 4/5

The Aamir Khan and Zaira Wasim starrer stops short of being superlative.Read More@Indian Express

Indian Express Rating : 2.5/5

Midday Rating : 4/5

Secret Superstar’s cheerful, feel-good imagery of a rotten reality reflects a young adult’s hopeful perspective yet to be crushed by the weight of cynicism, says Sukanya Verma. Read More@Rediff

Rediff Rating : 3.5/5

Filmfare Rating : 4/5

The emotional conflict between the characters is woven so beautifully that it tugs your heartstrings amd make you feel a part of their world! Secret Superstar is like that ‘maa ke haath ka khaana’ that always wins you over with its simplicity and leaves you craving for more! Read More @ FilmiBeat

FilmiBeat Rating : 4/5


Secret Superstar Hindi Movie Review

Secret Superstar Hindi Movie Review












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            Secret Superstar Movie Review
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            Released on : 19-10-2017
            Banner : Aamir Khan Productions
            Cast : Zaira Wasim,Meher Vij,Aamir Khan
            Music : Amit Trivedi
            Director : Advait Chandan
            Producers : Aamir Khan,Kiran Rao,Akash Chawla,Sujay Kutty,B. Shrinivas Rao
            Cinematographer : Anil Mehta